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Hand Wash Station

• Ideal for all types of events and functions

• A complete unit with an easy to use wash basin with a foot pump tap

• Each hand wash station includes:
– Hand Towels
– Hand Wash
– 100 litres fresh water

Portable Shower

• Simply connects to a standard garden tap

• Instantaneous how water service

• Comes with 9kg gas bottle and provides up to 50 showers

• Safe non slip floor

L 111 x W 118 x H 225cm

Wheelie Bin

• Waste disposal facilities

• Each bin is 240Ltrs

• May be used for general garbage or recyclables

• Bin liners provided

• Waste disposal service available

Drinking Water Trailer (Hydration Station) Rental

  • Fresh Drinking Water
  • Up to 6 Bubblers and 2 Taps in each Drink Trailer
  • Installation Provided on Site

Royal Flush Drinking Water Trailers are suitable for all indoor and outdoor events, providing drinking water to ensure that all your visitors and customers are well hydrated and refreshed. This is particularly important for large crowd events. Royal Flush is the leading provider of Hydration stations, providing drinking water for your entire event needs.

All our drinking water trailers each have 6 bubblers and 2 taps providing drinking water to your patrons direct from the water mains.

Our experienced staff members install the connections of the drink trailers & arrange matting to avoid problems with mud and damage to grassed areas.

Ground Protection Track Mats Hire

Our Ground Protection Mats protect grass and soft ground from tyres and prevent vehicles from getting stuck.

  • The checkerboard effect on both sides of the mat, helps the mat grip to the ground while providing grip to vehicle tyres.
  • Moulded from special grade UV – stablised recycled polyethylene resin – HDPE
  • Mats are flexible enough to not break – even under the weight of a heavy truck, while being rigid enough to spread the wheel load
  • Load rating: 40t
  • Dimensions: 2400 x 1200mm

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